Saturday, August 2, 2008


We are new at this blog thing but hope to soon have the blog filled with stuff about us. This photo was taken at Disneyland earlier this year. We had such a great time there! Loann and John sitting on benches and the girls running all over the park!

We have had quite an eventful summer. Maybe we should give you the family rundown first.....

Emily and Ryan will be celebrating their one year anniversary in November. They are happily married and show up at the house now and again for meals and/or laundry.

Little John is serving his mission in the California Fresno Mission. This is a photo of John and Elder Anderson probably on the way to a zone conference. He just received a transfer to Merced which is close to Yosemite National Park. His new companion is Elder Whitworth and John is now a district leader. He has less than six months left on his mission! Can you believe it?? Time flies when you are busy!

Sarah and Grace have had an interesting summer. They went to Camp Lo Mia towards the end of June and then a couple of weeks later they went on a Pioneer Trek with the stake. They have been training and walking on a treadmill to get their feet and legs in shape for the trek. It turned out to be quite an experience! There were 200 kids that participated. The girls walked 20 miles over 4 days and came back tired, blistered, and dusty but no worse for the wear. This was an experience that neither of them will ever forget!!

All in all we have had a pretty good summer. And now....SCHOOL!!!!. For the first time in eighteen years, everyone will be attending the same school. Sarah will be a Junior and Grace will be a Freshman at North Canyon High School. Go Girls!!!!!

We'll close for now but stay tuned for more information to slowly be posted......